Welcome to my WoW photography blog! My name is Marissa and this is where I tell you all about myself, as far as gaming goes. I’ve been playing WoW since 2009, some of you might consider me a noob still, others are more noobish than I, and that’s ok! My first toon to reach 85 (which was max level in Cataclysm) was a hunter named Belirina, I recently started playing her again. I main an affliction warlock named Afflicted, I’m an altaholic and I’ve played both factions so half of the screenshots (mainly the older ones, as I’m currently Horde) are taken from an Alliance perspective. I’m a pro at leveling alts and I love doing transmog/mount runs. I gold farm and I use to be a serious raider/PvPer, but now I just do it for fun and enjoy the game for what it is. I’ll be posting screenshots of some of the beautiful scenery while I make my way around Azeroth. Some shots are old, most are new. There’s shots of Easter eggs, mounts, bugs, things I find funny mixed in and when I can provide more details about the screen shots there will be little blurbs added in.

Right now, these are my main toons that I play, expect transmog shots from all of them (a few have been Alliance/different races/names, but I’ll keep it all in order for you guys)

Afflicted [Affliction Warlock]-Blade’s Edge
Belirina [Marksman Hunter]-Blade’s Edge
Icewitch [Frost Mage]-Blade’s Edge
Gift [Holy/Ret Paladin]-Blade’s Edge
(my other toons are Alliance on Azuremyst for now)

This is all going in my “about me” so if you’re reading it there, let me know if you like what you see and feel free to request my battle tag! I do a lot of legacy stuff and I’m open to invites.

I also play League of Legends occasionally, so ask for my summoner name if you want to play!

Lok’tar Ogar!